Access to Blueways & Greenways

bluegreenwaysWest Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission explains that, "the terms blueway and greenway have become more prevalent  over  the  past  ten  to  fifteen  years. In addition,  the  importance  and  efforts  to  preserve  and protect these valuable areas within communities have also come to the forefront in recent years.  There are a number  of  varying  definitions  that  have  been  coined and used for each of these terms.  The term blueway is fairly self explanatory.  However,  for  the purpose of  this study, a blueway is defined as a body  of  water  that  features  public  access,  recreational  opportunities,  and  promotes interactions with the water. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is the source for the greenways definition used  in  this  document.    The  NRDC  is  a  well known  and  successful  organization  founded in  1970. The  mission  of  the  NRDC  is  to safeguard the Earth; its people, its planet and animals, and the natural systems on which all life  depends. It  defines  a  greenway  as undeveloped land  usually in  cities,  set  aside or used for recreation or conservation. A Blueway is a body of water that features public access, recreational opportunities, and promotes interaction with the water. A Greenway is an undeveloped land usually in cities, set aside or used for recreation or conservation. (Source: Natural Resources Defense Council) West Michigan Blueways & Greenways Plan: Phase II | 4 Although  green  infrastructure  is  not  a  specific element of this document, it is important to define in the  context  of  the  plan. The  term  green infrastructure  is  more  difficult  to  define. Green infrastructure can in some ways be described as  the environmental version of gray infrastructure such as roads  and  water/sewer  lines. The  term  green infrastructure is  used  to  describe  an interconnected network  of  open  spaces  and  natural  areas,  such  as greenways,  blueways,  wetlands,  parks,  and  forests that  contribute  to  the  health  and  quality  of  like  for communities  and  people" (WMSRDC).

To locate all Blue and Greenways in Muskegon County, potentially finding one close to you, please visit the (PDF) plan under the related documents section.

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